2016: BE HUMAN

Taken by my Yuri on disposable camera At the end of 2015, I sat down to recreate a rerun of all crucial events and memories I collect...

Taken by my Yuri on disposable camera

At the end of 2015, I sat down to recreate a rerun of all crucial events and memories I collected throughout the year. At that time, I was commuting between three different countries, while living out of my suitcase most of the time ( I never knew 100% where I would wake up next week). It was very tiring, and I got tired. As a result, I declared 2015 as the “year of decisions” (read it here).

Now, with 2016 coming to an end and 2017 (#holyguacamole) approaching, I am continuing this tradition to finish this sentence: “20xx - the year of…”.
Before we get there, here is something personal I want to share with you, and along with that trying to give an answer to why I decided to have a blog in the first place.

In 2015, I made one of the most life changing decisions I had to face so far in my young adult life. Some of them being as painful as equally inevitable. It truly has been a roller coaster of emotions, f-ing emotions. You guys, it looked like I had everything from the outside: I was living in the possibly best city in the world surrounded by beautiful people, had a full time job where I made good money while enjoying a great amount of freedom. I travelled so much and got to stay in the most amazing places when I had dream apartments in different cities yet, I felt extremely lonely and absolutely broken and shattered inside. I felt disconnected.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not as good at socializing. I may leave the impression of being introvert or dismissive when meeting for the first time, and here is why: one of my biggest fear that goes beyond being just a generally uncomfortable feeling has always been the possibility to end up in a small talk. 

What I have learned the most in 2016 is the importance of human connection, and along with that what it means to be social and kind. Let’s be real, we all want love, and no one of us is truly capable of being completely alone for the long run. As human beings we depend on each other as far as complementing one another. And in order to achieve that balance, we need to connect with other human beings. Yet, if I look around human connection is not so common as we would assume in our age of connectivity. The focus lies on individual achievements and it is hard to connect because of cultural norms and a dog-eat-dog-society that get in the way.

In school, we learn that evolution is about the survival of the fittest. In today’s society we are being told that being stronger, skinnier, faster, prettier, smarter gives people an advantage over weaker, slower, less pretty and smart people - absolute nonsense. For instance, intelligence should not be measured by grades: you aren’t necessarily smarter because you’ve checked more correct answers during a 1 hour multiple choice test in comparison to your colleague yet, this is a common method in education. You aren’t a prettier person because double eyelids seem to be extremely trending right now and you happen to have a pair (naturally) yet, that is a criteria in many HR managements. The list goes on. All these things should not define who you are but it’s about the choices you make in life. We can’t conveniently divide the world into smart and stupid, pretty and ugly or good people and bad people when we all carry both light and dark inside us, naturally. More importantly, it is about the part of us we choose to act on.

I was 16 years old when I first started a blog. It was curiosity that had driven me and I always enjoyed documenting my life. It allows me to see the progress and changes - and that includes good and bad. Now, Followingmi to me is a platform where I am allowed to express myself creatively and personally. I want to connect with others. Social behavior means engaging with other people. You don’t need to be everybody’s darling and best buddy immediately and still be equally interested in their story without being fake. I don’t look for validation but for input and exchange. I learn that being social requires you to be vulnerable and that again takes balls! More often than not, we don't share our authentic and real side of us. We are supposed to talk about topics such as the weather, politics, economy when the most valuable and enriching information lies in our deepest thoughts and struggles we carry within. I have learned that it is crucial to step out of my own comfort zone in order to make use of the endless connections and possibilities that surround me. So, going back to the part where I revealed myself as an introverted and reserved character - if there is one thing I am certain of and what defines me as the person that I am today is that I genuinely care. 

2016 - the year of human connection.

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