When I first heard about "Handira" or widely known as "Moroccan Wedding Blanket" a few years ago, I had to think back ...

When I first heard about "Handira" or widely known as "Moroccan Wedding Blanket" a few years ago, I had to think back at the movie "Gone With The Wind", which is one of my all time favourite, thanks to my Mother. There is one scene where Scarlett O'Hara is going to meet Rhet Butler, but she doesn't have anything to wear for a proper lady after having lost all of her belongings due to the civil war. Smart as she is, decides to make a dress out of the thick green velvet curtains from the house. It became the legendary dress of Scarlett O'Hara.

A Handira is a traditional white or cream coloured woven blanket made out of cotton and wool, and attached with countless metal sequins. Traditionally, it is made by the women in the bride's family in preparation to her wedding. It takes up to months for a traditional handira since everything is hand-made. If you have seen a Moroccan wedding blanket in real life, you can imagine already how much time and effort goes into attaching the metal sequins only. Apart from the decorative aspect, these metal sequins are considered to protect the new couple from evil eye(s). On the actual wedding day, the bride is wearing the handira as a cape which is why you can sometimes see two strings attached to the blanket. This might also be a sign for a traditional handira in case you are on the hunt for one yourself. If you haven't yet you will definitely stumble upon these gems on numerous interior design blogs, Instagram and Pinterest.

Last month I travelled to Marrakech, and rug shopping was definitely high on my list. But honestly, after having seen hundreds of Moroccan wedding blankets in Essaouira and Marrakech, there was a point where I highly doubted I would ever get to leave the country with one. Blame it on my high demands and expectations. After a week I was known in the entire Medina as the girl "looking for The (perfect) wedding blanket", and I think I was in all possible rug shops, and talked to so many carpet and rug dealers who showed me everything up until the last corner of their storage when I finally decided on one.

Realistically speaking, I would have never been able at that time to find my perfect handira since it wasn't in my budget (we're speaking of hundreds up to a thousand EUR).  Still, I managed to find one that satisfies me for now, and after a proper rug cleaning and some sequin polishing, it will have its own charm.

 I am wearing my ridiculously old skinny rip jeans from ASOS with a shirt from ZARA that has the cutest neck (similar here and here). These red lace up sandals from TOPSHOP might look uncomfortable but they aren't! I am so glad I packed this golden little bag as it went perfectly with all clothes I brought along.

This picture perfectly showcases my nearly daily rug shopping situation. I was surround and covered by hundreds of handiras, and my friend could barely see me once I entered the maze of wedding blankets.

In between rug shopping, I was also on the hunt for matching pillow cases. At one point the many store owners were joking around asking if I am Berber due to my (strong) demands and "Berber taste".

You can see more pictures I have posted during my Morocco trip on my Instagram (@followingmi) or by searching the #followingmitomorocco

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  1. Hi! Do you have any tips on bartering and price point for a Handira? Also, was language an issue? (I'm traveling there in the winter and would love some tips. thanks so much!


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