Blau, blau, blau ist meine Lieblingsfarbe  Blau, blau, blau ist alles was ich habe Darum lieb ich, alles was so blau ist  ...

Blau, blau, blau ist meine Lieblingsfarbe
 Blau, blau, blau ist alles was ich habe
Darum lieb ich, alles was so blau ist 

Do you know this German children's song? Basically, I was trying to say blue is my favourite color (but if someone asks me, I would probably still say rainbow just to make sure, I don't miss out on other colour options ;))

I always wanted to visit the blue city of Kavala in Greece ever since I first saw pictures. When I did my research about Morroco, I found out that there is another so called "blue city" in Chefchaouen. Unfortunately, it is a 7 hour long drive from Marrakech to Chefchaouen hence I am still keeping it on my bucket list.

Luckily, there is another spot in Marrakech to satisfy my love for blue: Jardin Majorelle.
Being one of the most visited sites in Morocco, the Jardin Majorelle or also known as the "Yves Saint Laurent-Garden" is a true oasis in the middle of the city. There is a huge variety of exotic plants and flowers that are being taken care of in this garden, and have I mentioned the ginormous cacti? 

For a moment I thought I was in California with the huge palm trees and cacti all around me. 

While wandering on the paths that leads you deeper into the garden, you will not only discover the vegetation the garden has to offer but shortly find yourself gazing at the workshop of Jacques Majorelle, the creative mind behind Jardin Majorelle.

"This garden is a momentous task, to which I give myself entirely. It will take my last years from me and I will fall, exhausted, under its branches, after having given it all my love."

The studio is painted in the most amazing shade of blue, called Majorelle blue; a rich, vibrant, bold, cobalt blue that is utterly beautiful (my friend Mai was wearing a blue dress that made her go almost camouflage on pictures). Today the studio, there is a slight hint of Art Deco in its architecture, serves as the Berber Museum, and it was clearly the heart of the garden for me. For this and for many other reasons, Yves Saint Laurent fell in love with Jardin Majorelle. Thanks to him and Pierre Berge, who bought the garden after they heard it was to be sold and replaced by a hotel, this gem is still preserved for those who need a place to vent, and do not mind that extra pop of colour.

Morocco is a place, perfect to sport maxi dresses. I am wearing a maxi dress from ASOS (which I had to shorten at home to make it fit my petite size). Other similar options I discovered on ASOS are this one, here and this one

These sandals unfortunately let to my only real bad experience in Marrakech. I have had these sandals for more than 5 years (they were handmade leather sandals from Hong Kong, and I had to glue them once already). After exploring the garden, my friend and I took a cab back to the Medina when it happened: my sandals broke, and we just arrived to the Big Square "Jemaa el-Fnaa". While waiting for my friend to buy me some random sandals, I was not only hit on several times in the most uncomfortable way but asked a dozen times by men where I was from, and if I want to join strangers on a trip to the dessert. Since I couldn't walk with one broken sandal, I had to endure what felt like 30 minutes of bad behaviour pick up lines in the middle of the most crowded place in Marrakech :(

Outfit pictures taken by my friend Mai

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