Whenever I get to travel, I make sure to pack a lot of basics and versatile pieces that are easy to mix and match (nobody likes to overp...

Whenever I get to travel, I make sure to pack a lot of basics and versatile pieces that are easy to mix and match (nobody likes to overpack, right?). No wonder, I was happy that I brought this safari shirt with me to Morocco as I got to wear it so many times (so did my friend Mai). It's a slightly thicker material, so you can wear it unbuttoned as a light jacket which I did in the early mornings and late evenings since it can get quite chilly around that time of the day in Morocco. Of course you can wear it as it is like I did here.

ZARA Shirt (similar version from Bershka here) | H&M Jeans | Sunglasses from Tokyo | MANGO (gifted) Bag (golden clutch version here) | Espadrilles (gifted) (also like this version here and here)

I have mentioned it before, khaki is the "new black" sort of. It is so easy to combine with other colours, and goes with pretty much everything. I paired mine with a pair of blue jeans and my colourful and comfy espadrilles for which I received nice compliments, too (thank you Nakhati xx). 

I saw these bright coloured flowers from far across the street, and had to stop here for some pictures. Besides my espadrilles and armswag, I was dressed pretty neutral, so I needed this colourful backdrop.

Thanks to some recommendations on Instagram, I heard about the Marrakech Biennale which takes place from Feb. 24 to May 8, 2016. I also read that this year's Biennale is held in public spaces and free of charge for the first time to reach a wider audience.

It was in the late afternoon during prayer time when we visited. It was a memorable moment when we stood on the roof tops of the palace with the storks (which are ginormous from close up) and their built nests on the walls of the palace, the medina which looks like a maze spread in front of us and the remains of Palais El Badi behind us while the loudspeakers placed on the minaret in the city were calling to prayer.

We visited the cultural heritage site of Palais El Badi in Marrakech which was showcasing contemporary art in Africa and the Arab world, mostly installations due to its open space venue. Unfortunately, by the time we reached Palais El Badi, it was close to closing time, leaving us with 45minutes left only to explore. It took 25 years to build this palace in the 16th. century. A palace that is said to be a lavish place with extravagant interior and exterior, using some of the most expensive materials at that time, so I believe it deserves more than 45minutes to explore and admire. I mean, it's big and despite the ruined image that is has nowadays, it's still a palace somehow.

Being in Morocco, there is no such thing as wearing too many colours, so I  made sure I pack some of my colourful bracelets which I wore every single day. And this golden bag saved me from overpacking while exploring the Medina of Marrakech. It has the perfect size to hold everything I needed for the day; even my Fujifilm Instax Mini. Isn't the golden colour adorable?

Outfit pictures taken by my friend Mai

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