Wanderlust. Urban dictionary describes the term as "a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel or wander".  For the...

Wanderlust. Urban dictionary describes the term as "a very strong or irresistible impulse to travel or wander". 

For the past few months, people were constantly trying to convince me that it was about time to take a break, and go on a much needed vacation, doing something good for me. I knew there was one place, I was desperate to visit, and that there was no better time than Now: a few weeks ago, I travelled to Morocco with one of my closes friend, and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

Morocco is a place that you need to experience with all your senses. There were so many things to see and to explore, and I was pleasantly surprised every single day. Even though we took many beautiful pictures, there are no photo or video that could truly give justice to my personal experience in Morocco.

On our first day of exploring the medina of Marrakech, one guy was throwing what we believe to be tea at us (in a nice way). A lot of people were so curious about my origin that wherever we went, people were shouting: Japan? Korea? China? Taiwan? Hong Kong? But the best answer I have heard (ever): Bangladesh. #truestory

By the second or third day, people knew us and got used to seeing us as a duo wandering through the souks that we were always greeted by them. Every morning and evening we stopped by a kiosk close to our riad, and talked to the owner and got to meet his friend and little boy. He naturally took a bag of chips (cheese flavour) from the top shelf when he saw me approaching. One day his shop was closed the entire day, we thought he got sick or something happened. The next day, he was luckily back and said all was well, and we took a picture together.

In Morocco they call this place a "pharmacy", where they sell spices and herbs. There was this one persistent guy who told us every day that the famous Jamie Oliver was in his store. On our last day, we finally gave in, and he showed us around in his shop, explaining to us the different herbs and spices. I know now first hand that by inhaling pounded black cumin seeds through your nose clears up the airways ;) And yes, he showed us a picture of Jamie Oliver (you can watch the documentary they did about Morocco on YouTube). 

The list goes on and on about all the nice and extremely funny Moroccan people we got to meet, and all the stories we shared together. But no experience is so precious to me than meeting Hassan, the owner of a little souvenir shop in a small alley in the medina of Marrakech near the Heritage museum. He was one of the first person we met in Marrakech, and we made it our effort to run through the medina just before sunset on our last day to say goodbye, and to take a polaroid picture together. He showed us old pictures himself, and shared the story behind each and every, and I quickly envisioned all his little adventures. Hassan is a kind and thoughtful person, with a big heart and it is people like him that give "wanderlust" a special meaning. He made sure to not let us leave before accepting a little present from him, and I just recently sent him an email, telling him about Easter holiday in Germany as he was curious about the holidays in Germany.

I came to Morocco because I needed Vitamin D but most importantly I had the strong desire to be surrounded by all colours of the rainbow. They give me instant joy and I get that positive rush. I feel happy. One of my favourite quotes from a well-known interior designer is: living without colours, is like living without love. I can honestly say, I truly fell in love with Morocco and all the beautiful and kind people I met and got to talk to. And this is an experience that no media could ever capture but possibly the heart (nevertheless, there will be a travel vlog coming next).

Wandering through the souks and the winding streets of the medina felt like connecting to my mind and soul, and I found so much inspiration and beauty around me. I am grateful for having the opportunity to travel to many places in this world, and one of the many reasons why I love to travel is mainly because of the nice and inspiring people I meet and the stories I get to hear and along with that creating new stories together to share. If you haven't visit Morocco yet, I hope you will get the opportunity one day, and that you will have an equally great experience like mine.

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