A few months ago, my friends and I decided to get out of Tokyo and make a short trip to Hong Kong #followingmitohongkong . I honestly h...

A few months ago, my friends and I decided to get out of Tokyo and make a short trip to Hong Kong #followingmitohongkong. I honestly had no time to plan anything for this trip or make up my mind about how Hong Kong would be like but I secretively hoped it would be like the Hong Kong I know and love from one of my favorite movies by Wong Kar Wai.

We took a midnight flight with Hong Kong Express. Even though I was super prepared, wearing a sleeping mask and a face mask trying hard to catch up on some beauty sleep, I couldn’t sleep at all, and arrived in Hong Kong with my infamous panda eyes. But luckily, as prepared as I was, I brought some eye patches with me, hoping it would make any difference.

We stayed in Soho near the longest escalator in the world, and were welcomed by Hong Kong’s heat wave followed by what felt like 100% humidity. On our first day, we tried to get to the Victoria Peak, Hong Kong’s highest point but after seeing the long line for the tram, and meeting taxi drivers that would do the usual tourist rip off, we decided to walk to the harbour instead to take the star ferry at night.

Walking through the streets of Hong Kong, I quickly realized that my neck started to hurt because I had to look up all the time due to all the skyscrapers #lookupseason. Despite me not being the biggest fan of boat rides, I enjoyed the incredible skyline view of Hong Kong by night, and would join another ferry ride anytime. My favorite building from the entire skyline view was the opera house.

Star Ferry

Next day we met a friend who is local and we finally went to the Peak by taxi which we actually is an affordable transportation if the taxi drivers are playing fair. We had another amazing view at daytime, followed by one of my favorite parts of travelling: FOOD. We had what felt like endless orders of dim sum, and tried different street food on the night market in Kowloon, which is the craziest night market I have been to. The streets are so bright (you can actually wear your sunglasses at night!) and colorful because of all the flashing lights and billboards everywhere and don’t get me started on all the different smells of street food (we couldn’t find the stinky tofu though…).

Our friend took us to a rooftop bar afterwards called "Harlans Bar" that has the best nightlife view I have ever seen, and yes, Hong Kong truly does have a skyline view worth a million bugs. Shortly after it started to rain and all other guests tried to rush inside but we stayed outside to enjoy the view and the fact that it was finally cooling down. It was a true moment of enjoying our lives while Jay-Z’s “Forever Young” feat. Neil Young was playing in the back #truestory.

On our third day, I went to Mido (nearest MRT: Yau Ma Tei), one of the oldest café in Hong Kong that is said to give you a bit of the Wong Kar Wai feeling. I can definitely see myself hanging out there from time to time if I would come back to Hong Kong in the near future. In the evening I met up with my hairstylist from Tokyo who happened to be in Hong Kong for a few months. If you are in Tokyo or Hong Kong, make sure to check out ASSORT Hair Salon (they offer service in English as well).

What I like about Hong Kong is that you can experience both, big city life and pure nature. Apart from the high end fashion shopping streets and malls, you can go to very local places to splurge on great pieces such as fabrics, handcrafted items and unique interior pieces that I saw on some corners. One of the things I appreciate a lot in Asia is the fact that we have a sort of “Café-Culture”; Vietnamese people for instance love spending hours in cafes, doing work or catching up with friends. We even do “Café-Hopping”! And in Hong Kong I saw so many cute cafes and restaurant with nice interior.

My next trip to Hong Kong would definitely be more nature focused. I want to go hiking and go to the beaches, exploring Hong Kong far away from the city life

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