Picture taken by Hai   *Hai My travel companion for three days. If you follow me on Snapchat @followingmi, you proba...

Picture taken by Hai 

My travel companion for three days.

If you follow me on Snapchat @followingmi, you probably have seen my multiple snaps a week ago, showing the big wide blue ocean, giant rocks and the mesmerizing view of an incredibly beautiful place in Japan called Jogasaki Coast, Izu.

One week ago, we had the so-called “Golden Week” in Japan, which are consecutive days of national holidays. I took the advantage to get out of the crowded city of Tokyo to explore more of Japan. My friend Hai and I purchased the Kanto-Pass which allows foreigners to travel for three days within the Kanto area by using all local trains as well as the bullet train. Yes, I finally got to ride the bullet train aka Shinkansen (but the German girl in me calls it “Schinken” [ham], and what a Schinken it is. Super fast, looking super fresh and futuristic, and did I mention how fast it is? We were waiting at this quiet and sort of isolated train station when all of a sudden this sparkling bullet train rushed by so smoothly but fast – swoosh. It was so fast that within a few seconds the whole train passed by us, and I couldn’t take a snap of it, unfortunately.

Last time I travelled to Enoshima (as you can see here), it became my favorite place I have been to in Japan so far. That was before I experienced the breathtaking atmosphere and view at Jogasaki Coast. Lava from an erupted volcano flowed into the ocean and as a result formed the land with its outermost edge of the lava flow being Jogasaki Coast now. You can climb up these giant rocks and get as close as you dare to the edges with the wide ocean spread underneath. In order to get closer to the rocks, you need to walk over this quite high suspension bridge but it is worth it. I guess, since I grew up close to the North Sea in Germany, I am intrigued by destinations close to the ocean, and I don’t particularly mean sandy beaches but rather rocks and coastal areas. The reason why Izu became my favorite spot at the moment.

It's about 1,5h train ride away from Tokyo. If you ever get the chance to be in this area, I highly recommend this spot. When you arrive at the train station, you can take a cab to get to the coast but I think walking there is a nice experience. You will be walking down this alley with a lot of trees and palm trees. The neighbourhood is extremely nice, clean, green and the houses are beautiful. The architecture is rather Western, and nothing compared to housing in Tokyo with space being very rare. Each house looks different but so cozy and welcoming. Pack your lunch, so you can enjoy it while sitting on the rocks. Nothing beats a lunch with a view !


So many photo ops 

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