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Button downs are definitely having a moment now, and I love it as I am a huge button down lover myself. I enjoy wearing them in all kinds of lengths, styles, materials, colors, female and male button downs.

When it comes to white button downs, I love linen material as it is perfect for warmer to hot summer days, leaving your body cool and fresh without that sticky feeling. I personally love wearing lace bras underneath my V-neck T-shirts or button downs. Linen material is perfect as it is slightly see-through but not too reveiling, allowing you to totally rock that little lace bra underneath. You can see how I styled mine here.

Another great material is silk. Silk gives it more of a flowing texture, especially when you are wearing a button down with vivid colors and patterns.

My all time favorite though is the striped button down. I remember seeing pictures of my Mum wearing boyfriend style striped button downs with high waisted mom jeans (even before she became a Mother of two girls), and she would pair them with big sunglasses. Actually, my sister now owns that shirt, and it just gives proof that it will always be a timeless, effortlessly chic piece of wardrobe.

When I am wearing a boyfriend style shirt (like here), I tend to tug it into my pants to get rid of the length (like here in my older post). On other times I love wearing oversized button downs as some sort of dress or I would wear it above shorts, and tie a belt around it. Another great way to rock a boyfriend shirt is to tie a knot or "bow" at the front for that 80’s look. For the cooler days, I enjoy wearing button downs as a layer underneath sweaters  as you can see here.

Really, you can wear button downs with pretty much everything in your wardrobe - from boyfriend jeans to shorts (like I did in this one) and skirts, underneath your denim jumper, tie it around your waist as you can see on my Instagram picture. The ways to style it are endless, so go get one !

Pictures taken by Nuran.

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