I am wearing: ASOS Skinny Jeans | CHOIES crop sweater & coat | H&M Beanie | ZARA Brogues After almost two weeks of tra...

I am wearing: ASOS Skinny Jeans | CHOIES crop sweater & coat | H&M Beanie | ZARA Brogues

After almost two weeks of travelling in Asia, and being exposed to hot and humid weather (and traffic pollution!), I finally got back to Tokyo, and what else can I say than 'damn, it's cold here'.

Not only was I still trying to recover from my flu that I got while being in Singapore (thanks to over air conditioning pretty much everywhere I went) but I also forgot to pack my heattech !! The next morning I woke up in Tokyo it started to snow as well. I almost forgot how it feels like to have snow during winter, though, and seeing that it melted at the end of the day - it was forgiven.

Due to my travelling and the different weather conditions, I need to take care of my skin a lot.
I have very oily and sensitive skin, and easily break out if I don't stick to a certain routine or get lost in experimenting with new products. My skin always knows when I am in a different country, timezone or when I eat 'bad food' because that results into it breaking out. Blame it on me, though because one of the most important rules to healthy skin is drinking water, and I am terrible at that. I barely feel thirsty during the day, and I always forget to drink water especially when I am at work (it never happens with food, though haha). So, one of my 2015 resolutions is to DRINK MORE WATER.

Other than that, I wanted to share some of my beauty tips or things that I enjoy doing (when I have time to spoil myself and my skin):

1. Every second to third day, I use my Eucerin Dermo Puryfier Peeling before cleansing.

2. I like to turn off the exhaust fan when I go take a shower. The steam really helps to open your pores, preparing it for my personally favorite part of skincare - facial masks. One can say I am slightly addicted to facial masks, and I always like to try out new products. Every time I travel to Singapore, I am stocking up on my favorite facial masks by DewyTree, the Green Tea Blemish Mask and the Deep Detox Black mask which is literally a black facial mask (as you can see here and here).

For an extra spa feeling, slightly warm up your facial masks in warm water during the winter. The opposite in summer when I like to store my facial masks in the fridge.

Another great mask that I am using is the Love Lettuce mask by LUSH which is a 2 in 1 exfoliator mask that even boys can use ;)

3. Ok, so you might already know this one but me personally, I just learned about it not so long ago. After cleansing there is this 60 seconds time frame where you should moisturize your face all while your skin is still damp because dry air draws moisture out from your skin. I am currently using clinique's different moisturizing gel and Vanishing Cream by LUSH. If you have a recommendation for me, please do share !!

4. I learned the benefit of using SPF moisturizer, even during winter ! My favorite one is the Hydrate|Protect Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30 by Murad. I know it's more on the pricy side but the small tube lasts longer as you would expect as you do not need that much to cover your entire face and neck. It's also a nice base for my make up.

5. To fasten the healing process of wounds or blemishes, I swear by Cicalfate Creme by Avene. It's a thick repair cream for sensible and irritated skin. I apply it twice a day, a thin layer in the morning, and a thick layer before I go to sleep.

6. I usually don't blow dry my hair but am forced to do so during winter as I don't want to catch a cold. Also, since I dyed parts of my hair grey which required hours of bleaching, my hair is quite sensitive, and easily to be damaged, I like to use my Macadamia Natural Healing Oil Treatment on those parts that are dyed. Plus, it smells heavenly. 

These were my general beauty tips that I enjoy in winter. I slightly change these to adapt to summer weather but we'll keep that for later.

I would love to read about your beauty tips (be it winter or summer edition), so please feel free to comment down below. I would love to read it.

Pictures taken by my Mani.

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