This has been the fourth time that I had come to Singapore for work. If you follow me on Instagram  (@followingmi), you have probably see...

This has been the fourth time that I had come to Singapore for work. If you follow me on Instagram (@followingmi), you have probably seen my post of this amazing architecture in Singapore called Parkview Square. I discovered it last time I came here, and back then I was in the area close to Haji Lane (one of my favorite neighborhoods in Singapore). This has become my favorite architecture in Singapore. 

From the outside the first thing you notice is the big art deco influence on this architecture. Singapore has so many skyscrapers and huge building complexes made out of plain steel and glass, so this one is definitely different than all the other buildings that I have seen in Singapore. It’s located in Downtown Singapore, and quite the eye catcher, not only because of it’s beautiful architecture but there are almost no high buildings surrounding or covering it (for the time being).

I was surprised that Parkview Square is an office building. However, I was not surprised that it is named to be one of the most expensive buildings in Singapore because if you have seen the mesmerizing interior architecture, you know why. The whole art deco concept continues inside, only with a double amount of breath taking details.

I couldn’t rest my eyes as there was so much to discover. Whenever I see impressive architecture and interior design, I just need to stop for a moment to realize and understand that this is something that men have build, and it’s made to last for a long long time. The interior is very powerful, sexy and luxurious yet timeless. Everything looks very expensive and elegant covered in gold, brass, granite and leather.

It’s free to enter the entrance hall, so I would highly recommend you to visit should you be in Singapore. 

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