Kyoto, thank you for welcoming us with beautiful weather. I got back to my Tourist-Mi-status, and visited so many temples, shrines ...

Kyoto, thank you for welcoming us with beautiful weather.

I got back to my Tourist-Mi-status, and visited so many temples, shrines and historical sights. One thing I instantly fell in love with was the architecture in Kyoto. I noticed my huge love for wood as a building material once again, and couldn't help myself but stop along the way to touch and feel the wood on houses, doors and windows. I can't describe the feeling. 

Because I was travelling lightweight, I only packed basics along with my heattech. Black pants and my current favorite Adidas Stan Smith sneakers are the most easiest items to style around. You can head over to Instagram (@followingmi) to see more of them.

You can tell by my eyes how deadly tired I was in this moment. After a long night drive on the bus to Kyoto, we had to actually wait for hours before we could check in into our hotels. Thank Panda to all Manga Cafes out there in Japan - greatest invention. More of that please. 
I am wearing black pants from UNIQLO | ROMWE Turtleneck sweater | Choies Coat | ASOS Bag | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. 

I wanted to post some of my pictures taken during my Kyoto trip in December last year, and along with that share some of my winter tips with you.

Knowing that not everybody is fortuned enough to live in a warm area where you can basically wear shorts and skirts all year through, I myself had to learn how to face the winter days not only in Germany but now in Japan. And let's stay realistically, wearing hot pants and shoulder off crop tops in the middle of winter isn't that cute.

But there is a secret helper for those of us who want to stay chic and warm when the temperatures drop - HEATTECH. If you want to truly embrace the winter days, get yourself some heattech. Once the weather got chilly here in Tokyo, first thing I did was stocking up on heattech; heattech socks, heattech leggings, heattech shirts - heattech errrthing. I even got two pyjamas for home.

Tip 2: Wear a silk blouse or similar underneath your sweater. Not only does this add an extra layer to your outfit but it will also keep you much warmer.

Tip 3 would be the classic turtleneck. I love wearing my basic denims with a chunky knit turtleneck which also allows me to rock the tugged-in hair every now and then. And for those of you that already fell in love with heattech, yes ! there are heattech turtleneck longsleeves as well.

Tip 4: I personally have to wear gloves during the winter, and from time to time you can see me wearing a hat but most importantly, my feet have to stay warm. I love putting my socks on the heater before I wear them. If you don't have a heater, your hair dryer works just fine. And in any case, hands up for all grandma's-handmade-knitted-socks-lovers out there. You rule.

I'll be sharing my winter beauty tips with you in my next post.
Until then, stay warm and I would like to hear some of your personal winter tips.

Pictures taken by my Mani

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