My experience with Disney Land is kind of sad, and turned out to be quite the opposite of what I had expected. I went to Di...

My experience with Disney Land is kind of sad, and turned out to be quite the opposite of what I had expected. I went to Disney Land in the States, and it was raining heavily ALL DAY LONG. There is one picture of me standing in front of the Walt Disney statue with the big letters below saying 'Happiest Place On Earth', wearing my yellow rain coat and looking not happy at all.

I gave it another shot by the end of last year, and decided to go to Disney Sea in Tokyo. I was told that Disney Sea is more for adults other than Disney Land.

Luckily, we had perfectly sunny, and sort of warm weather when we went to Disney Sea in Tokyo. I saw so many people eating ice cream that I had to get one, too - a rasperry flavored Minnie Mouse shaped ice cream. What else can a girl ask for?

On board of the Mickey Mouse train to get us to Disney Sea. Grab a mickey mouse !

Morning selfie on the train with specially designed Mickey Mouse windows, errthing Mickey Mouse !

When I saw this, I first thought I arrived in Europe.

Almost dressed completely from head to toe in ASOS. I am wearing my favorite skinny jeans by ASOS accompanied by their snake skin alike bag which has the perfect size to carry my essentials (and some snacks). Striped crop sweater by Choise, my beloved adidas Stan Smith sneakers that follow me everywhere, and snuggled up in my cozy faux fur coat by ASOS. 

 Right after this snapshot, a young lady kindly asked to step of the 'flower pots' 

If you go to Disney Sea, prepare for some SERIOUS WAITING-IN-LINE-TIME. And make sure to bring along many many snacks and drinks to endure up to 220min!!! waiting time. This is a filled bun shaped like a tiger's tail (we were then currently in Sinbad's world).

Details everywhere ! I enjoyed this theme world the most. 

Because it was so good, a second picture !

Tired and not yet fully awake in the morning. Disney Sea was fun, and there is extremely a lot to see, and to discover. Despite the long long standing in line, I cannot wait to go back there again. However, I was super tired and exhausted when I got back home. Happiest place in the world but everything comes to an end.

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