This was my third time coming to Singapore, and I have to admit that I first had the impression there wouldn't be that much to see...

This was my third time coming to Singapore, and I have to admit that I first had the impression there wouldn't be that much to see but that's basically the result if you stay (too long) at Orchard. This time I had a full week in Singapore, and I was finally able to explore the island since I had a few days off from work.

During this one week, I felt like I travelled to several countries (without actually leaving) because Singapore is rich in various ethnic groups: Chinese, Malay, Indian and others. Needless to say that with so many different cultures Singapore naturally, is a FOOD PARADISE. I tried various dishes, but dined almost every night at a local restaurant in Little India outside on the street. 

In Little India everything is so colorful, and I was instantly drawn to by that. I saw women wearing the most incredibly colorful and sparkling dresses and beautiful jewellry. If you are looking for bangles, handmade bags and small souvenirs in all colors of the rainbow, you will definitely find something in Little India. It can literally brighten up your day. 

Find below some pictures I have taken while staying in the Lion City !

 Gardens by the bay is a big park in the area of Marina Bay. I went there to see the Supertree Grove (huge tree-like installations). I felt like this was a scene taken from the movie Avatar and I was standing in the middle of Pandora. I went up to the Skywalk, and noticed that I am slightly afraid of heights therefore, couldn't really enjoy the view, haha. But if you are cool with heights you can enjoy a great view of the Singapore skyline. I recommend coming here by night, also to see the Supertrees lightened up, and for the skyline view.

 On Sunday morning I woke up early, and went to Haji Lane. It was kind of funny how I started off at Little India and after a few minutes arrived in Little Arabia. I found myself again in beautiful small lanes with colorful houses and walls covered with art. There are many cute little stores and cafes all down the road. At every corner there was something new to see. This neighbourhood is known as one of the most fashionable and stylish area, too and indeed you can find great clothes, fabrics and interior. Of course, I had my beloved watermelon juice !

I instantly fell in love with this building. The architecture is so art deco, and the interior is incredible. I feel like it takes you back in time, and then sort of stops there until you leave the building. I highly recommend visiting this place once you come to Singapore.

 My last stop was at Chinatown just hours before I took the flight back to Tokyo !

I believe, I visited the most famous places in Singapore but please feel free to leave me a comment down below if you ever travelled to Singapore or live there, and you have some secret space that you would be willing to share with me ! 

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