ASOS T-shirt ( here ) & Jeans ( similar ) | MANGO Leather Mix Jacket | Jewellry by WEEKDAY NIXON The player Watch |...

ASOS T-shirt (here) & Jeans (similar) | MANGO Leather Mix Jacket | Jewellry by WEEKDAY
NIXON The player Watch || Superga classic

When was the last time you spend a day relaxing at home doing anything but technology related things like reading a book or the newspaper, redecorating your home or trying out a new recipe for dinner?

I had this conversation with my friends a few weeks ago when I introduced them to an app called 'Checky' which is basically helping you to track your phone habits. This app will track how many times you are reaching out for your phone. Prepare yourself for the shocking truth.

Last time I went out for drinks with my friends at an Izakaya, we made a deal: 'whoever touches the phones - pays the bill' regardless of how tempting it is to check. This was not the first time we've done this, and it's a really nice way to pay attention and fully enjoy the company you have in that very moment.

For me, living and working in the center of Tokyo can be quite overwhelming sometimes especially during the weekends after you call it a day off. As much as I would love to walk through an empty or less crowded Shibuya as equally I would love to turn the volume that surrounds us in the world of technology for at least a day to allow myself to focus on one thing. I would love to focus on just one thing at a time (and maybe doing fantastic at this), but then again that would be a waste of my multi tasking, I assume.

Be it reading a book while having my cup of chai tea or chai latte (anything chai, and I'm sold), or coordinate my closet by color and length, technology is somehow too tempting and seducing that it takes me back to reality so fast. 

What do you do enjoy doing when you have an entire weekend off?

Pictures by Marco

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  1. Love it!

    Lisa /

    1. Thank you ! And thanks for reading x

  2. Such a cool tee!
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    1. Thank you ! It's one of my favorites, and very appropriate since I am living in Tokyo


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